General Editor:
J.B. Lethbridge   
Associate Editor:
Josh Reid   

Editorial Board:
Helen Cooper, Thomas Herron,
Carol V. Kaske, James Nohrnberg,
Brian Vickers

The Manchester Spenser is a monograph and text series devoted to historical and textual approaches to Spenser, his life, his times, his places, his works and his contemporaries.

In response to a perceptible approach to the limits of theorising about texts in the absence of new knowledge about them in Spenser and Renaissance studies, and to some impatience with criticism overly directed by theoretical and political concerns, a growing body of work based on solid historical research is being quietly produced and lacunae in the historical fields lamented and explored, including much-needed texts for teaching and research.

The importance of research in nearby disciplines such as history, archaeology, religious and theological history, and book history, is being recognised and renewed, and requires treatment by and for students of Spenser.

The Manchester Spenser seeks to publish historically-based criticism, reference tools, historical, biographical and archaeological studies on or related to Spenser's life, times, people and works, and from several disciplines.

It also seeks to publish texts relating to Spenser, and text-books of a more wide-ranging nature.

The Manchester Spenser seeks work of lasting merit, of the highest standards of historical scholarship, research, handling of evidence and rigour of argument, exposition and documentation.

Three Reader-Reports will be commissioned for each Proposal/MS, at least one of these independently of The Manchester Spenser itself.

Layout, presentation and production will reflect that of The Revels Plays and the Revels Plays Companion Library.