General Editor:
J.B. Lethbridge   
Associate Editor:
Josh Reid   

Editorial Board:
Helen Cooper, Thomas Herron,
Carol V. Kaske, James Nohrnberg,
Brian Vickers

Please direct all enquiries, proposals and MSS to the General Editor per email.

Call for Proposals and MSS

Some Desiderata (Note: the Editors encourage additional suggestions).

Guide for Authors

Monographs: The Manchester Spenser includes the possibility of shorter and longer monographs. Whereas around 200 pages has tended to become practically standard for a monograph, the highly concentrated short monograph is revived; and while great length is only tolerable where fully justified, length is not in itself an obstacle.

Short, concentrated monographs of between circa 40 and 80 pages are welcome; groups of these, by authors on various subjects, being bound in a volume from time to time as need arises. This form, neither journal article nor book, once common, is encouraged.

Texts:The Manchester Spenser aims to publish two genres of edited texts:

Sophisticated, and authoritative editions with full surveys of variora, collation, bibliography, etc, where this is a desideratum.

Trustworthy texts lightly edited, annotated and glossed, suitable for, but not restricted to classroom use, with very full and authoritative critico-historical Introductions to the specific work and the author, serving in their opening sections the undergraduate audience, and in later sections as reference tools for the professional audience. These may be collaborative works, and academics willing or eager to edit a text, but less willing to write an Introduction are encouraged to contact the General Editor.

Reference Works and Tools: Proposals for Reference Works and Tools of all varieties are welcome.

Occasionally, collections of original articles may be published.

Notes for Authors

J.B. Lethbridge (General Editor)
Matthew Frost (Editor, Manchester University Press)