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Victor Skretkowicz

European Erotic Romance

Philhellene Protestantism, Renaissance Translation and English Literary Politics

European Erotic Romance examines the Renaissance publication and translation of the ancient Greek erotic romances, and English adaptations of the genre by Sir Philip Sidney, Shakespeare and Lady Mary Sidney Wroth.

Providing fresh insight into the development of the novel, this study identifies the politicization of erotic romance by the European philhellene (lovers of all things Greek) Protestant movement. To English translators and authors, the complex plots, well developed moralized characters (particularly female) and rhetorical styles of the ancient novels signify political and social reform.

Generous quotation and translations ensure that European Erotic Romance is accessible to a broad spectrum of readers. Its organisation lends itself to use as a course text. It is suitable for use by senior undergraduates and specialists in Renaissance literature, translation, rhetoric and history.

Victor Skretkowicz is an Honorary Reader of Literature at the University of Dundee.



Part One: Greco-Roman Romance in the Renaissance
The Nature of Erotic Romance
Longus's Daphnis and Chloe
Achilles Tatius's Leukippe and Kleitophon
Heliodorus's An Ethiopian Story - Theagenes and Charikleia

Part Two: Philhellene Erotic Romance
National Romance and Sidney's Arcadia
Shakespeare and Philhellene Erotic Romance
Mary Sidney Wroth's Urania
The Fate of a Genre

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