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Jane Grogan (Ed.)

Celebrating Mutabilitie

Essays on Edmund Spenser's Mutabilitie Cantos

This is the first collection of essays devoted to Edmund Spenser’s Mutabilitie Cantos (1609), and it celebrates the 400th anniversary of the first publication of that intriguing, posthumously-published fragment of his unfinished epic, The Faerie Queene (1590-96). It brings together leading and emerging Spenser scholars from the US, UK, Ireland and India to asses and assert the significance of the Mutabilitie Cantos to Spenser’s work and thought. All eleven essays are origional and specially commissioning for this substantial volume with contributions from James Nohrnberg, Gordon Teskey and Judith Anderson. Although broadly historical, in keeping the principles with The Manchester Spenser series, the collections encompasses an impressive variety of approaches and interests, ranging from historical allegory and material, political, philosophical and literary contexts of the Mutabilitie Cantos, as well as their commanding place in early modern English and Irish literature and history. The collection also includes a full bibliography of scholarly criticism of the Mutabilitie Cantos.

This collection will be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students, to scholars of Spenser and scholars of renaissance studies.

Jane Grogan is a lecturer in the school of English, Drama and Film at University College Dublin.


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List of Contributors

Jane Grogan (University College Dublin)

1. Gordon Teskey (Harvard University)
Night Thoughts on Mutability

2. Andrew Zurcher (Queens’ College, Cambridge)
The Printing of the Cantos of Mutabilitie in 1609

3. Robert Lanier Reid (Emory & Henry College)
Spenser’s Mutability Song: Conclusion or Transition?

4. James Nohrnberg (University of Virginia)
Supplementing Spenser’s Supplement, a Masque in Several Scenes: Eight Literary-Critical Meditations on a Renaissance Numen Called Mutabilitie

5. Thomas Herron (East Carolina University)
Native Irish Property and Propriety in the Faunus Episode and Colin Clouts Come Home Againe

6. Supriya Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University)
Mutability, Metamorphosis and the Nature of Power

7. Christopher Burlinson (Jesus College, Cambridge)
Spenser’s ‘Legend * of Constancie’: Book VII and the Ethical Reader

8. Ayesha Ramachandran (Stony Brook University)
Mutabilitie’s Lucretian Metaphysics: Skepticism and Cosmic Process in Spenser’s Cantos

9. Judith H. Anderson (Indiana University)
Mutability and Mortality: Reading Spenser

10. Richard Danson Brown (Open University)
‘I would abate the * sternesse of my stile’: Diction and Poetic Subversion in Two Cantos of Mutabilitie

11. Jane Grogan (University College Dublin)
After the Mutabilitie Cantos: Yeats and Heaney Reading Spenser

Bibliography of the Mutabilitie Cantos